Thursday, February 13, 2014

snowmagedden 2014

So we had a snow and ice storm last week that brought us the most snow we've had in forever! Thankfully I live and work on the same side of town, so I didn't get caught in the horrible traffic that many others did as everyone left at the same time to go home! Thankfully Jamie was off work too and we were able to get the boys checked out of school, since the school was not releasing until later...
The boys were so excited to finally get some snow! They ran, made snow angels, and through snow at each other. I captured a few moments to share with everyone!

Now who's ready for summer?? I am!

Eric's 9th birthday! (yikes)

Due to scheduling during the holidays, we had to push Eric's birthday to January! We had a great time celebrating his 9th birthday! This year we decidded on a Nerf Wars party! We kept it really simple! Divided the boys into teams and let them shoot each other with nerf guns! Thankfully it was a beautiful day! The boys had a great time!

We Three Spies

This was the first year that both boys were in the same Christmas program. They both were in the nativity scene and seemed to have a good time with the program! The Children's Choir did an excellent job as always.